What to Do If Your Partner Is Delaying Your Divorce: Tips for Moving Forward

What to Do If Your Partner Is Delaying Your Divorce: Tips for Moving Forward

If your divorce is being delayed by your ex, it can be very frustrating. You may feel like you are stuck in limbo and don’t know what to do next. In this blog post, we will provide some tips for moving forward during this difficult time. divorce can be a long and complicated process, but with the right tools and support system, you can get through it. We hope that these tips will help you to navigate this challenging time.

Create a support system

During this difficult time, it is important to have a supportive network of friends or family members who you can rely on. This support system can provide emotional and practical support during this challenging time. Being able to talk through how you’re feeling and the overall situation, with someone who understands what you are going through can be very helpful to sort through your emotions. Divorce can be very emotionally charged and draining. Make sure you are seeking guidance during this process and reach out for support.

Make A Plan

Once you have an understanding of the divorce process, it can be helpful to make a plan. This may include setting goals and timelines for yourself. Having a plan written out like this can help you to stay on track and feel more in control during this difficult time.

Many times, people who are trying to stall a divorce are simply trying to just cause you more pain or try to manipulate the situation to end in their favor. By writing out your plan, the steps you want to take next, and giving yourself something to look forward to in the near future can help give you the stamina to keep pushing through this difficult time.

Seek Help From A Trusted Lawyer

If you are not sure what your next steps should be, talking to a lawyer can be very helpful. They can give you specific advice based on your situation and help you to understand the divorce process. If you are going through a situation currently, where your ex is trying to delay your divorce, the best thing you can do is put the divorce case into the hands of an experienced attorney team. You can try and negotiate as long as you want, but at the end of the day it will more than likely end in more heartache and a headache for you. When a case is stalled out for too long, your attorney can petition with the court to offer you a ruling in your favor. This would be due to the ex-spouse deciding to not be involved in the divorce case.

We hope that these tips will help you to move forward during this challenging time. Remember, you are not alone and there is support available to help you through this process. Mekis Law is a team of experienced attorneys who are here for you during this difficult season of your family’s life. Please feel free to contact our office to speak with a member of our staff, if you have specific questions regarding your legal situation (615) 653-4540.