Family law requires fair-minded legal direction

Within families, there are always issues that arise which require the help of an attorney.


Unfortunately, marriages may need resolution and can ultimately end in divorce for some couples. While divorce may be one aspect, there are other scenarios to consider as well.


For unmarried parents, issues such as child custody, child support, and how life will be handled with a parenting plan are situations that need the guidance of a seasoned family law attorney.


Divorce is one of the most difficult periods of life anyone can face. It is crucial to understand all aspects of a divorce proceeding including how the property will be settled along with parent’s rights.



Within a divorce, the parties may form a decision on whether to pay alimony or to pay their spouse a certain amount of assets instead.


Child Custody

Child custody cases can be difficult for a child. Their state of mind and well being should be considered a top priority no matter the situation. Child custody scenarios are not only confined to divorce, but they can also occur in other parenting situations outside of divorce.


Child Support

Parents have a financial obligation to their children, and child support will be a topic of discussion among many parenting situations. The Law Offices of Catherine T. Mekis are well-versed in child support law and all factors that determine payment.


Grandparent’s Rights

In the state of Tennessee, the visitation rights of grandparents aren’t an issue unless a child’s parent objects. If this occurs, then certain circumstances must exist for a court to consider the visitation request of a grandparent.

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