Alternative family planning includes several legal matters

Becoming a parent may be a unique experience for many individuals in today’s time. In turn, alternative family planning has become more commonplace as an individual can become a parent through an alternative method such as adoption or assisted reproduction. In a myriad of cases, these situations require legal guidance and the help of an attorney.


Adoption is a  process which transfers the permanent parent-child relationship from one party to another. In the simplest form, adoption provides the adoptive parents the rights and responsibilities of a legal parent, while transferring the title of a legal family member on the child. State laws govern the adoption process and in Tennessee there are certain criteria one must keep in mind when entering the adoption process.


Guardianship/Power of Attorney

Children may be the subject of guardianship and power of attorney legal matters as they may not always have the ability to make decisions on their behalf. Therefore, a guardian is someone who is chosen or appointed to make legal decisions for that person who can’t make certain decisions on their own.

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